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This is fantasy spy action/adventure game inspired by meteor fly-over and Beauty Contest in Russia. You may wonder: how are these two events related? Probably not much, you are absolutely right, but there is something common though. In both cases we have little clue what happened and only few expected it! Maybe aliens are finally taking over.. Or maybe clones… This fantasy game may shed some light to recent events…

After spaceship crashed on Earth about a century ago, aliens’ power has been fully unlocked. It had been secretly used ever since… With that in mind and the goal to keep it simple, fun and entertaining, the BAV was born. The game is intended for the wide audience and does not require any special game skills.

Mission 1 is more introductory and requires little interaction from the Player. Just sit back and watch. It sets a stage for following BAV releases.
Mission 2 is where all major battles are happening and is definitely more interactive and fun to play.

This is not a typical fighter genre game or strategy that requires intensive thinking or planning. Rather some elements of strategy and action combined with recent developments, makes BadAsVlad somewhat unique and fun to play. The overall mission in the game is to meet and replace the preselected target with clone prototype. This is not as easy as it sounds…The Player will be challenged by all kind of obstacles while finding way to the final destination…

Some technical notes – please note, preferred device settings for the game is Landscape view with 1024*768 screen size. You may use another device settings but please keep in mind graphics and performance may deviate from originally designed.
Nonetheless, we hope you find it entertaining, fun and worthwhile your time.

Here is Mission 1 (Introduction for the app game)

Current base promotional price is for the first million of downloads, although it is subject to revision and may change without advance notice.

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Hope you enjoy the BadAsVlad! Thanks again for your interest!

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