Mission 1

Welcome to the Mission 1 of the BadAsVlad game! Here you will find description of the first mission, alternatively you can just watch the video. There is no app for the Mission 1. It serves as an introduction for the app game – BadAsVlad. Mission 2. Birth of Clones which can be accessed here.

Mission 1. Don Dossier.

After spaceship crashed on Earth about a century ago, aliens’ power has been fully unlocked. It had been secretly used by Russians ever since… With that in mind and 2016 US elections, the BadAsVlad was born.

Inspired by true events…

Real people…

And not only people…

Stamps1000After Spaceship crashed in Siberia in 1924, Russians swiftly deployed Special Red Army Forces and captured wounded aliens. Operation XS has been secretly conducted and all associated files had been classified as Top Secret. Military officers involved in the battle with Aliens began disappearing under dubious circumstances… Clearly Russians did not want anyone to know about extraterrestrial source of power and superhuman intelligence they just discovered…

Shortly thereafter followed years of insane experiments on hibernated aliens including infamous DNA extraction and teleportation into parallel dimensions. In 1968 the first fully controlled and stable alien clone prototype have been developed and code-named D1000. These prototypes could be transformed within 48 hours into any human species and obtain the appearance of the DNA donor. Full transformation procedure would be loaded with wide spectrum of required behavior attributes.

In case of any clone glitches, disobedience or deviations from preprogrammed tasks, the auto-destruction mode would be easily triggered. The uncontrolled prototype would develop humanly disease and cease to exist under seemingly normal human circumstances. Full control and auto-destruction mode made model D1000 so successful that FSB began deploying these machines for international assignments including high level intelligence.

15. Kreml talk

My name is Vlad, Agent Vlad

As you know, I am spy agent and obsessed with puppets

Mi6 and CIA call me BadAsVlad for the reason… as there is no such thing as a former KGB man…

Destruction of Varyag Impire was a biggest mistake of the 20th century.

Whoever does not miss the Varyag Impire has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain!

Varyags never lost the War… because it never ended!!!

We will rebuild Varyag Impire! You and I gonna fix this!

We will crush them! You and I. Have no doubt about it!

Sorry my bad, Comrade, got carried away with my excitement…

Ok, back to business, our main goal, as you know, is to establish clone governments around the world

Exactly for this reason we captured aliens and now possess their full power. Ha-Ha. I’ll show you what it is like

Listen, maskirovka is everything… Try to accomplish our missions without

too much blood, tears and casualties – just like in good old KGB days…

The first mission is to obtain DNA from preselected target and program the clone prototype. FSB agent Alina is here to help us

Then we will have to kidnap the Target and replace him with preprogrammed clone. FSB is here to assist again

To do so we will have to meet Target in person and invite him to Kremlin for secret reception

We will replace him there by clone DT1000…

Listen Comrade…

the entire universe is counting on you. Seriously. You are Special and I was waiting for you!

Vpered my friend!!!

After several years of intelligence, FSB identified one peculiar businessman as a potential clone replacement. Target has been assigned internal code TC (TweetClone). Shortly thereafter FSB began developing plans to bring TC to Russia to obtain his DNA sample. Project code-named “Beautiful Tweet” was born. After several failed attempts, FSB finally managed to bring Miss Universe to Moscow and proceed with operation as planned.

At this very moment, FSB is preparing to stage beauty competition to take advantage of TC’ well known affinity. The contest provides FSB an excellent opportunity to obtain his DNA and initiate the clone generation. The plan is to replace TC within 48 hours by the prototype DT1000, a more advanced version of D1000. Destiny of the real TC is uncertain… It is widely speculated that TC might be exchanged for the Agent’s girlfriend captured by aliens seeking revenge…

Moscow, Russia

12. Alina talk 1

Hello, FSB agent Alina here…

Talk to Me!

I’ve been assigned to work undercover as a RC housekeeper

to install bugging equipment in The Presidential Suite.

While target stayed in the Golden Shower room and

entertained himself with Miss Universe pageants

I obtained multiple samples of his hair, skin and urine

I passed it to FSB lab as instructed

As we talk, it is being used as a DNA sample

to preprogram DT1000 clone prototype

And as a side note…

I also witnessed and videotaped some very interesting scenes

which may surface sometime in the future…

Are You Ready to clone TC?


Great job Agent Alina! Thanks for your service

FSB secret cloning  lab… Siberia

Initiate cloning…

Clone preprogramming…

Verifying codes and finalizing setup…

Done! TC cloning has been successfully completed!!!

DT1000 clone is fully functional and ready for the assignment…

Congratulations Agent!!!

Mission One accomplished!

Wait! Not so easy! Get ready for the next challenge!

Thanks for your service, Agent!

Brave and bold like BadAsVlad

Conquer the world

get in Mission 2!

Mission 2. Birth of Clones.

Mission 2 is where all major battles are happening and is certainly more interactive and fun to play. You can download it on our homepage:

Please note both missions of the BadAsvlad have been developed by the amateur as a fun project with limited time and money budget – so please be gracious 🙂

Hope you enjoy the BadAsVlad! Thanks again for your time and interest!

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